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A decision-support tool combined with 3D simulation

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DEMplus for nuclear is the first 3D simulation software for interventions in nuclear field.

DEMplus for nuclear, by OREKA Solutions, uses technological components developed by CEA. It is a real decision-support tool which responds to current work challenges.

Whatever the project (new works, operation, maintenance or decommissioning works) is, DEMplus ensures a better safety and waste management, major cost and planning cuts, whilst using the ALARA approach.

Created by nuclear experts for nuclear experts, DEMplus is a business software easy to use. It allows collaborators, involved in the same project, to work together from the beginning to the end (reports and schedules).

Sensitivities studies can easily be performed allowing an optimum scenario choice, according to the project criterias.
This enables safty improvement and gains increase (up to 30%).

At the end, DEMplus for nuclear is the answer to the nuclear industry challenges, thanks to 3D simulation.


DEMplus® for nuclear main functionalities on video

  • Dosimetry

    The dosimetry module provides a dosimetric mapping based upon the radiological sources and screens. It computes in real time the equivalent dose rate received by the operator (or robot) based on his location.

  • Cutting module

    With the cutting module, partial cutting can also be performed on objects, either to remove material or to improve the 3D model by dissociating items within the same model.

  • Anti-collision

    Users drive their avatar or robotic arm in the 3D model using a space mouse®. The anti-collision module, detects instantaneously any contact between the avatar (operator or robot) and his surroundings. This allows a better check on the accessibility.

  • Kinematic

    This module enables any kinematic process to be conducted (handling systems, robot, bridge crane, ). Users confirm the tool performance by checking the process capacity and its accessibility.

C3D approach

Cost, dose, waste, time

Whatever the project, the complexity and specificity of nuclear projects, in particular the radioactivity that characterizes them, make the development of a scenario difficult.

Parameters, such as cost, dose, waste, and time, are tightly linked.
This is the reason why, to define the best scenario, our computation models incorporate this interdependency: this is the C3D approach.

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DEMplus for nuclear solutions

DEMplus answers to the C3D issues

Input data

  • 3D model import (from 3D scans, plans, photogrammetry, etc.)
  • Physical inventory
  • Radiological inventory


  • Linear attenuation
  • Build-up effect
  • 3D dose mapping by zone
  • Volumetric source
  • Surface source
  • Ambient dose
  • Radiological screens
  • ALARA approach
  • Forecast dosimetric evaluation


  • Optimisation
  • Waste family definition
  • Waste management process definition
  • Wastes packages an management costs evaluation


  • Process
  • Kinematic
  • Remote operation
  • Handling
  • Cutting
  • Qualification - Performance
  • Accessibility

Planning / Budget

  • Reports
  • Scoreboards
  • Global results Costs, Waste, Dose and Time.
  • Export to formatted documents
  • Planning
  • Video export


Guaranteed return on investment








Waste - Treatment and conditioning


DEMplus® for nuclear screenshots

Operating condition

Process qualification

3D Model

Immersive room


Scenarios development

Sensitivity studies

Scnario re-calculation


ALARA approach


Project management

Technical description

The minimum system requirements for your PC.

Customer desktop

Operating system : Windows 64 bits
(Windows 7, 8),
RAM : 4 Go minimum,
Processor : 64 bits de type Intel Core i3
(or equivalent) minimum,
Graphics card : NVidia GeForce 400 Series
(or equivalent) minimum,
Display resolution : 1280 x 800 minimum,
Free disc space available : 2 Go minimum,
Pointing device: (mouse) 3 butons with scroll whell

Network connection

DEMplus® is a client / server application. Client/server communication is on network (local or internet). Therefore the performance of the application is highly dependant to the speed connection.

3D control devices

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